A Branded Distribution Network for Your Video Content
Nobody has a second chance to make a first impression. First impressions are everything and, on the Internet, that first impression, that initial exposure to your content and your company is your domain name. A domain name is fundamental for online marketing.
Thursday, November 12, 2020

A .TUBE® domain name will enable you to brand the entire distribution network that will deliver your content via the web. Every .TUBE® domain name includes a URL shortening and redirection tool that is essential for all businesses with an online video presence. URL shortens and URL redirects can help build customer trust and satisfaction, provide valuable marketing analytics, and maintain and improve search engine optimization. And most importantly, they will help you build your brand.

What is a URL Shortened?

A URL shortening is a tool, typically web based, that’s used to shorten a link using a redirect. It takes your original link and replaces it with a shorter link. You can then publish the shortened link on social media, blogs and other web properties. When a user clicks it, he or she will be redirected to your original link.

Large corporations and big brands are quickly moving towards link management for distributing their content. Every business that is interested in emphasizing their brand and serving their customers must use intelligent short links to direct them to the updated, relevant content they are looking for. Branded short links build trust, they don’t look spammy or untrustworthy as is the case with a random links with unrelated characters, created in free platforms such as Bit.ly.

The Impact on SEO

Contrary to popular belief, using a URL shortening won’t harm your SEO efforts, just the opposite, if you manage your short links effectively, your content’s SEO rankings are sure to increase. This is because when you redirect a short link to your content, the SEO link power moves to your target URL, in other words, when a search engine encounters a shortened link, the search engine will award the page to which it redirects with all the link equity. That is why Links.TUBE® does not offer the possibility of masking URLs which creates duplicates which are penalized by Google, you can create short links using your .TUBE® domain with the confidence that it can only strengthen your rankings.

Short links are also useful for instance if you are changing the location of web pages. If you’re moving a web page to a different location on your website, you can use the short link to retain the page’s search rankings. Also, if you have hundreds of videos on your YouTube channel, the older ones will probably be harder to find unless you associate them to a short link. In that instance, If you’re building links to a video buried several layers deep on your channel, using a shorten URL will result in more traffic.

Our short links tool vs market alternatives

With our proprietary Short Links Tool, you will not need to add UTM tags to your links to track your campaigns, our short links system provides statistics on each short link you create to see results in Google Analytics.

Other short links platforms provide a limited number of custom domains you can manage in each account. Ours lets you add as many .TUBE® domains as you want and add as many short links as you need and manage all from a single console.

Another great feature of links.TUBE® is that you can edit short links even after you’ve created them. Many other services do not offer this feature, once a short link is created, it cannot be edited, you must destroy and re-create a short link if you are unhappy with the original link.

The power of .TUBE + Short Links

In this age of Video, there isn’t a more powerful domain name than .TUBE® to convey the message that you mean Video. Pair your domain with the short link creator and generate unique intelligent short links to each of their videos to promote them individually. This will result in a network of short links to all of your videos with your brand on each one of them. This will establish the foundation of a robust distribution network for your content, promoting your brand and letting the world know you are serious about Video.

How to create your video distribution network in three easy steps:

1) Enter your.TUBE® or your favorite registrar and purchase a .TUBE® domain name

2) If you purchase your domain name in Your.TUBE®, the redirect will be automatically done for you. If you purchase your name with your favorite registrar, you will need to enter links.TUBE® and enable your domain in the short link creator system.

3) Adjust the DNS settings of your .TUBE®, valdate your domain in Links.Tube and begin creating short links.

Finally, by buyng a .TUBE® domain name you will be part of the #TUBECREW where we will work to increase the footprint of your videos and where your personal video brand will be promoted and amplified.


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