Branding your YouTube Channel
Is your channel telling your whole story?, is it showing your holistic view? Is it connecting all the dots in a manner consistent with who you are, what you do and how you are like?. If this is not the case, then you need to brand your videos beyond your YouTube Channel.
Friday, April 16, 2021

Branding may be defined as you telling your story your way. Your “leit motif”, your copy, your images and artwork, your logos, your colors on your channel, in other words, you. If you have a YouTube Channel and that channel has your videos, each video tells a story on it’s own. But realistically speaking is your channel telling your whole story?, is it showing your holistic view? Is it connecting all the dots in a manner consistent with who you are, what you do and how you are like?

Branding is highly important and will definitely help to separate you from the pack. Branding requires many elements to establish your own look and personality. Your branding is not something that happens suddenly, it is developed over time. As you and your work progress, so does your branding so investing some time on your branding, no matter where you are at with your channel, helps to realign your focus, your niche and your motive.

Unfortunately, YouTube offers a very limited set of options to brand your channel and separate you from the pack. Other than changing some of the artwork, adding a few texts and perhaps an icon or a logo, the platform has a set of rules and parameters that are impossible to overcome. So while there may be many best practices to create banners and logos for YouTube, you will need to look elsewhere to give your videos and channel the branding they deserve, to tell your whole story.


You need a platform that offers you great flexibility for displaying your videos your way and tell your not only your individual stories but yours. A platform where Your logo and not YouTube’s will stand out. Where your colors will provide a unique watermark to your style. And this platform needs support fully YouTube because that is where your videos will reside.

Step 1. Choose a .TUBE domain name.

It all starts with a domain name and .TUBE is the only termination that will tell the world that you are serious about video. Find the exact match to your YouTube channel or register a new domain name, this is your opportunity to secure a valuable domain that will become an integral part of your brand strategy.

Step 2. Choose what you want to do with your domain.

Two options:

a) Use the videos you already have on YouTube to create your own channel or

b) simply redirect your .TUBE domain name to your YouTube channel using it as a vanity URL for your YouTube channel.

Step 3. Use your domain name to create as many intelligent links as you need to your videos.

This constitutes a personal distribution network with metrics on each of your videos and intelligence on your users.

No other site can provide such a comprehensive ser of tools to help you position your videos, your channel and your brand, both on search engines and in the top-of-mind of your potential audiences.


So if you are ready to take your creator game to the next level, if you are ready to see your videos displayed in your own site, with your own branding and look and feel, if you are ready to create a web of intelligent links that drive traffic to your videos, then you are ready for .TUBE. Because .TUBE means video and so do you.

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