Build a branded distribution network around your TUBE domain name
In the world of online video distribution your brand can shine and reach a global audience like never before or dwindle into oblivion!
Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Having a strong online presence is crucial for any business or content creator. And there is no better, cheaper and faster way to get started than by building a branded distribution network around a TUBE domain name.

In this blog post we'll show you how to leverage the power of Links.Tube to claim your very own TUBE domain name and show you how to create branded short links for each of your videos making it easier than ever for your audience to find and share your content.

So let's dive in

Create an account in Links.Tube

It all starts with creating an account in Links.Tube. This powerful platform is designed specifically for creators and businesses looking to maximize their online reach. Simply head over to the website and click on the "Sign Up" button. Fill out the required information, including your email address and password, and voila! You're ready to start building your branded distribution network.

Once you've created an account, it's time to make the most of this innovative tool by claiming your very own TUBE domain name. (Click Here to a one time discount code of 100%). With your unique domain that reflects your brand or content niche, you'll establish a strong online presence that sets you apart from competitors.

Having a custom domain not only looks professional but also helps with brand recognition. It allows viewers to associate your content with a specific web address, making it easier for them to find and share what you have to offer. But why stop there? With Links.Tube, you can take things one step further by creating branded short links for each of your videos. These shortened URLs are not only visually appealing but also serve as another opportunity to reinforce your brand identity.

By incorporating keywords related to your content into these short links, they become even more SEO-friendly. This means increased visibility in search engine results pages and ultimately more organic traffic directed towards your videos.

With just a few clicks in the user-friendly interface of Links.Tube, you can create as many branded short links as needed for each of your videos. Whether it's an acoustic cover or an insightful tutorial series, every piece of content deserves its own unique identifier within your distribution network.

So don't limit yourself – unleash the full potential of branding through Links.Tube's personalized features today!

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