Five video genres that guarantee a large audience
If you want to increase the chances of your videos to become popular and even viral, here are five genres that are extremely enjoyed as reported by YouTube.
Thursday, March 11, 2021

Unboxing Videos

An unboxing video is a recording of yourself opening items for the first time. These type of videos are a favorite amongst YouTubers of all ages, depending of course on what is it that you decide to unbox. Little girls love to unbox kinder eggs, adult males love the unboxing and testing of power tools, women love clothing and makeup and teens love high tech products. So if you enjoy opening boxes, it seems like viewers enjoy them just as much. Another advantage is that unboxings have become a key method for viewers to make purchasing decisions so commercially speaking, they are a great way for brands to get the word out about new and existing products.

Educational Videos

Also called instructional videos, are amongst the most popular. People love to learn new things and YouTube viewers are searching more and more for useful content. The younger generations aren’t reading books and they rather replace their lectures with videos. Educational videos can boost students’ engagement. Many parents are complaining that their children get easily distracted from their home schooling because YouTube is just a click away, a good solution is to encourage their consumption of educational videos. Many parents have walked this path so it’s not surprising that in the last year, educational videos have become one of the most popular video formats.

Best Of Videos

This is a variation of the very popular product review videos with a twist; experts usually try out many products before recommending the best to their users. As stated many times, consumers trust more other consumers that the companies that produce the products or services, 83% of respondents stated that they prefer an informal and chatty tone by people who’ve had real experiences with the products. Best-of videos give viewers an intimate look at the products a YouTuber really loves and is using, it is like a certificate issued by a real person who uses the product being presented. This is critical to the buying decision consumers make.

Tag or Challenge Videos

Challenge videos are popular with gamers who challenge each other, they are popular as food eating contests, sports and other outdoor activities and art. This video format allows users to watch various creators do the same challenge and therefore, this type of videos encourage users to stay on the site longer and exposes them to new creators. Some challenge videos may be funny, others are serious challenges, no matter what your idea is, its always a good idea to have more than one performer and that is the main feature of this type of videos.

Haul Videos

Haul videos, also known as fashion videos, are video recordings, posted to YouTube, in which a person discusses items recently purchased going into detail about their experiences during the purchase, using the product and sometimes even the cost. Haul videos were made popular by beauty creators on YouTube and remain one of the most popular video formats to this day. Haul videos are also incredibly popular among brands who rely on hauls to organically show their newest products. Most are fashion and makeup related, but there are haul videos in other popular categories like toys.

Promote and Distribute

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