Gaming Videos or the art of playing and making money
One of the most popular video genres is gaming, people love to see other people play videogames. There are platforms, like Twitch, created and designed to play games and broadcast them, YouTube has thousands of channels of gamers sharing their gameplay with the world.
Thursday, February 25, 2021

Here are five guidelines you must follow if you want to create a gaming channel and gaming videos.


First thing’s first and that is, pick a Game, your favorite game, the one you play better. Unless of course, you want to make money, in that case you need to choose the newest or most popular game, the one that is drawing the largest audiences. Competition is also important, there are so many millions of“Minecraft” videos that standing out on that space is virtually impossible. So choosing the right game is not always as easy as it seems.


Secondly, you need to choose your technology, you need a potent machine with a lot of RAM memory and fast video processors, you need more than one monitor, good headphones and a good microphone to add your own comments. You need the video capture device if you are recording from a console such as a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. This device allows you to export the video output of the game into your computer, where you will conduct the production and postproduction as well as the distribution of your videos. There are lots of video capture devices in the market. Just make sure the one you buy is compatible with your console and that supports a microphone for live commentary.

When choosing a Microphone and Audio Accessories, find microphones, pop guards, and mic booms bundled together that can save you money and give you everything you need for professional recordings all in one package

When it comes to the computer, the right hardware is crucial for high-quality and efficient video editing. A couple of key considerations include: You’ll need a lot of RAM to process video, ample hard drive space, specially if your game is HD and you want your videos in high resolution. Many times, internal drives are not enough so you will need some external storage too. And video cards powered by processors like Nvidia. You may consider buying a gaming computer that comes packed with everything you need to stream your gaming.


You need a truly fast and reliable internet access, the more upload speed you have the better. The need for internet access is obvious, but a fast connection with good bandwidth is recommended specially if you want to live stream. But also for uploading your videos, some videos may get really big, in excess of 4 GB so without the adequate internet access, it may take you hours to upload a single video.


Once you have your image and sound, its time to edit your video. There are literally hundreds of options available, it’s probably a good idea to talk to other gamers and ask which programs they use to handle their streaming. When you publish videos to YouTube, make sure you avoid copyright issues by understanding the rules and restrictions that gaming companies impose if you want to use their product to create and even monetize videos. Careful also with the music you use in your video.


Once you have everything ready to go, it’s time to publish. As soon as that’s done, you can begin to promote your Gaming Video. Making a great Gaming Video is only part of the work, the hardest task is to let audiences know about it. That’s why .TUBE has created a series of tools that will help you position and distribute your videos and in the process, create your own brand.

This is how to create a distribution network for your videos and brand yourself as easy as 1,2,3

1) Register a .TUBE domain name and tell the world you mean video

2) Redirect your . Tube domain to your Youtube channel and make it easy to access from anywhere

3) Use the tool to create smart short links to each of your videos.

Finally, by registering a .TUBE domain name you automatically Become a Member of the #TubeCrew where we will work to increase the footprint of your videos and where your personal video brand will be promoted and amplified.

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