How long should my video be?
Guidelines for The Duration of a Video
When it comes to video marketing, one of the most common interrogations is, how long should my video be? The quick answer is that it should be just as long as it needs to be in order to get your information across, not a second shorter or longer.
Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The length of videos varies depending on the genre, for an ad or a branding campaign just a few seconds may be enough to get your message across, for a Do-it-yourself video it could take much longer.

But genre is not the only factor defining the length of a video, the platforms where videos are displayed also play a major role. No matter the type of video you are making or the platform where it will be displayed, keep in mind that in todays fast moving world, attention spans are short, people are a click away from moving to alternative content, therefore your videos should be designed to be engaging, provide as much valuable information as possible and tell a story that is compelling and focused.

Various surveys indicate that videos that are too long deter people from watching them. Videos that are too short, fail to get the message across, so there is a sweet spot where each video gets closer to meet its objectives.

Here’s a glossary of terms you should keep in mind when creating the optimal video… Attention spans (assume they are short), engaging, informative, compelling, visually attractive, original and creative. These best practices are true for all videos.

But, as stated before, each platform has its uniqueness and hence, you can plan your video according to the limitations of each. Here are some guidelines for planning your videos in the major distribution platforms available today.

FACEBOOK Video length
Facebook videos can be between 30 seconds and 6 hours long. Since Facebook has two approaches to distributing content, paid and organic, it is recommended that paid videos are kept shorter (15 seconds) while organic can be as long as needed to get your message across. Facebook’s algorithm rewards videos that spark engagement and conversations. To have success in Facebook your videos must be engaging and long (2 points), engaging and short (1 points), not engaging and short (0 points) and if they are long and not engaging, don’t bother because they won’t be displayed unless you pay for it.

Facebook ads
When it comes to ads or paid videos, keep in mind that in many instances they will be shown to viewers who are not looking for your content, who may not even know who you are so keep them as short and concise as possible.

INSTAGRAM Video length
Just as in Facebook, when it comes to Instagram, it all depends if you are uploading videos to the Instagram Feed, Stories or to their IGTV service. Instagram feed has a limit of one minute (if you do a carousel, you can place there multiple 1-minute videos) but again, if you can use less than one minute to get your message across, keep it shorter and it will have a greater impact. If you keep it under 30 seconds, the chances of interactivity will increase exponentially.

Instagram’s speed is much greater than Facebook, people scroll quicker through an Instagram feed that a Facebook timeline so it’s very unlikely they will stop to watch longer videos. Also, the video player does not allow to rewind the video, so once a video starts it needs to end before playing it again.

On Instagram stories, the limit is 15 seconds, but you can use the carousel to build a story in chapters. According to Instagram, stories comprised of 3 chapters are the most engaging. Once more, get your message in as few chapters as you can. IGTV is designed for longer videos so in this case, use the rule of thumb and keep your video long as it needs to in order to get your message across.

YOUTUBE Video length
Youtube has no time limit, actually YouTube rewards more watch time in order to keep people on their platform for as long as they can. If your videos are engaging enough and people stick around and watch them, then longer videos are recommended. People stick around to watch entire soccer games or political speeches, but unless you are Messi or the prime minister of England, don’t force it. Stick to the rule and get the information across in as few minutes as possible.

TWITTER Video length
Time limit on Twitter is 2 minutes and 20 seconds but the nature of Twitter is “instant communication”, therefore keep your videos as short as you can. In other words, you must honor the nature of each platform in order to accomplish the best results for your video. From instant videos (Twitter) to long dissertations (Youtube), from stories told in chapters (Instagram) to ads or paid videos (Facebook), keep your message concise and your videos short and sweet.

TIKTOK and SNAPCHAT Video length
TikTok videos can't be longer than 60 seconds, or shorter than one second. SnapChat videos can be maximum 10 seconds long. Both platforms offer a set of tools to doctor and help you out creating breathtaking videos in just a few seconds. TikTok and Snapchat are designed to tell short stories briefly, in an engaging, fun and original manner.

Video is a Powerful Brand Building Tool
There is one thing we can all be certain about, regarding a brand’s digital presence: video marketing is a powerful tool for those marketers struggling to get their audience’s attention and generate clicks.
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