How to Make a Funny Video
Everyone loves a good laugh, specially this days and that is perhaps the reason why funny videos are the ones who have better chances of going viral. Here are five tips to create a funny or comedy video, whether for yourself or to share with others.
Thursday, March 4, 2021

Situations are Funny – perfect your idea

A common mistake made by those who want to create funny videos is to assume that one must be a comedian to create humorous videos. Situations are often more hilarious than actual people, a good example is the funny animal videos or the hidden cam videos. In order to imagine comical situations, a little brainstorming goes a long way, don’t be afraid to study other silly videos for recurring props, situations, or figures that they use.

Write a script

Unless you are a consummated comedian, it is better to write a script. Actually, even if you are a comic it is a good idea to have a script and follow a game plan, especially because humor revolves around unexpected situations or reactions, surprise endings and shocking finales. Your script should plan situations or lines that lead the viewer to one conclusion only to flip that conclusion unexpectedly. So break established patterns, try two or three identical ideas with different endings and see which of them is more likely to surprise your audience.

Caricature and exaggerate

If, for instance, your video is going to portray a mean boss, make him look as nasty and cruel as you can so when that spark of goodness surfaces, the surprise is as big as it can be. If it’s a dumb situation, script it as stupid as possible so when knowledge is introduced, it knocks your audience’s socks off. The more you stretch the rubber, the bigger the impact will be when the pressure gets released, this is a maxim of comedy.

Film your video

Get your video and audio gear, props if you need to use any to enhance the humor. Your actors, whether people, babies, animals or things. Never overact, a humorous situation is often spontaneous and overacting can make it look dramatic and ruin the natural comicality of the scene. Exaggerations are valid as long as they are part of the situation and not a fake or planned behavior of the actors. Funny avoids lines or acting with too much emotion or emphasis.

Edit and share Your Video

Keep your video short, to go viral a video cannot be longer that 3 minutes. Cut or edit as many unnecessary scenes as possible, make action a priority, keep your video moving is important for all videos, but especially funny ones. On funny videos you don’t always edit out any mistakes or accidents and if you really wish to get rid of mistakes and accidents, don’t discard the footage, keep them as a blooper reel. Finally, share your funny video with other people, record their reaction and be open to their suggestions.

Promote and Distribute

Once you have everything ready to go, it’s time to publish. As soon as that’s done, you can begin to promote your vlogfunny videos. Making a great fun video is only part of the work, the hardest task is to let audiences know about it. That’s why .TUBE has created a series of tools that will help you position and distribute your videos and in the process, create your own brand.

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