How to make a Haul Video
Master the technique of Haul videos and replicate to many other categories
Thursday, March 18, 2021

Haul videos can also be called shopping videos because they show audiences the goodies you bought. By sharing your shopping, you share your personal style, your favorite stores (on and off line) and your beloved products. People love watching these videos and therefore, that is why they are also popular with marketing and sales professionals and by the manufacturers of those products. Haul videos are excellent sponsorship opportunities.

There are haul videos of many products, wardrobing including shoes, accessories, jewelry and clothing, makeup, perfumes and cosmetics, toys, books, home decorations, souvenirs, technology (cameras, computers, mobile phones, tablets and other technical equipment) and even food and snacks. Anything that helps you share your tastes. Never make a Haul Video of a product you dislike or that does not blend with your preferences.

The technique needed to make haul videos can be replicated to many other categories, master them and you become an expert in creating videos for other genres.


Haul videos let you improvise, however it’s always a good idea to have a script for reference, even if you don’t read it word by word. It’s important so you don’t forget the main points you need to highlight from the product. Begin with a quick description of your shopping, a list of the stores where the product may be found and if anyone has special discounts or giveaways. Any information that may be valuable for a shopper to follow on your path. Scripts are also useful so you don’t forget some keywords of things you’d like to mention that will help you write the description and position the video.


To make haul videos you need a proper set up. Adequate neutral lighting, not enough light will make the video dark, lighting from an angle will project shadows, too much light will make the products look blurry. If you can, use natural light and if not, use a series of lamps to have good lighting. Your camera should be on a tripod on a flat surface. If you want to use a series of cameras and film from different angles, they should all be as still and fixed as possible. Finally, you should be sitting in a comfortable open space with a desk or a table in front of you, to showcase your shopping.


You should always face the camera and look at it often so your users can establish eye contact with you. Speak loud with a confident tone and in a clear, articulated voice. Depending on the product, you can crack a joke or tell an anecdote to keep things moving and fun. Practice in front of a camera, what you’re going to say and do a few tests before recording the final version.


The main character in a haul video is not you but the products you are showcasing so make sure you show as much detail of the product as possible. Give answers to questions such as what needs of yours did the product satisfy, the quality of the item, the price, the discount and what prompted you to decide on that specific product at that particular time. Depending on your tolerance for risk, you can be more or less specific as to the places where you shop or other personal information, so depending on how much of your personal information you want to share, you may choose to add pictures or videos of the actual shopping experience, at the store or the mall, talking or not to store employees.


As usual, you need to clean up your video, add special effects, overlay texts, captions and images, add music, sound, choose the best quality footage, etc. Please refer to the following article for the best video tips for editing your Haul Videos. You can also create a brief introduction and a conclusion to put at the beginning and the end of the video. In there you can add any URL or links to get traffic to other pages that may give complementary information to your audience.


Once you have everything ready to go, it’s time to publish. As soon as that’s done, you can begin to promote your Haul Video. Making a great Haul Video is only part of the work, the hardest task is to let audiences know about it. That’s why .TUBE has created a series of tools that will help you position and distribute your videos and in the process, create your own brand.

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