To make a long story short, there are literally thousands of challenges you can film and share. Doing YouTube challenges is a fun way to meet new people, collaborate with other YouTubers, and build-up your audience. We hope you enjoy doing these challenges!
Thursday, March 25, 2021


If you want to create content that is easy to follow, that allows collaboration with other YouTubers and that caters to all audiences, you should consider challenge videos. They are so popular, they have become the bread and butter of many popular YouTubers who are simultaneously starting to create similar type of content, hence the term “YouTube challenges”. It is a new trend amongst YouTubers to do various challenges, with friends or alone. Doing YouTube challenges is a fun way to meet new people, collaborate with other YouTubers, and build-up your audience.

If you are struggling with maintaining the creativity of your channel, challenge videos may be a good motherload of content from where you can mine innovative ideas. Executing the challenges is also very entertaining to watch and increases the number of viewers and subscribers. So while you are having fun with your friends filming some of the YouTube challenges with them, you will be building and growing your audience faster than ever with this trending genre of videos. There are literally hundreds of challenges you can replicate in your channel, with your style and creativity.


Creating challenge videos is incredibly easy, but of course, that depends on the challenge. But for simpler challenges, just put any kind of vlogging camera or a smartphone in front of yourself and start filming. You do not need any special editing or filming skills. Some popular YouTube challenges require moving, dancing, singing or filming while on-the-go, it depends on what other YouTubers have done, as stated before, your challenge is your own version.


Here’s a list of the most popular, the most well-known, and the funnest challenges? There are numerous categories, we will outline just five but there are hundreds of articles on the Internet on popular challenges where you can get many more ideas.

Challenges With Food
These can range from hot dog eating contests to name the flavor of that jelly bean.

Music Challenges
Remember the show “name that tune” that was so popular back in the 70’s. Play a fragment of a song and let the challenged guess which song it is. This applies to fragments of movies, cartoons and other forms of content.

Acting Challenges
Imitations, hidden cam, comedy, try not to laugh, cherades of which there are many types, words, phrases, movie lines. So many acting exercises that can be performed in front of a camera and turned into fun videos for your audience.

Trivia and other word and knowledge challenges
Inspired by Jeopardy, hangman or the crossword section of your Sunday newspaper?. This type of challenges are very easy to set up and replicate.

Arts and crafts challenges
Popular with people of all ages, get some paper, colors, select a theme or a character and start creating your version. Or do it with Origami, twisted balloons, anything that unleashes your creativity and that of your users.

Video Gaming challenges
Who can eat more ghosts in Pacman? Who can jump more barrels or score more touchdowns or serve more burgers? Choose your all-time favorite video games, invite some friends over or connect online and challenge them.

Blindfolded Challenges
Put on a blindfold and try to perform tasks that are easy when you can see. Can you, for instance, do your hair blindfolded? Or put on makeup?. Try it and afterwards view the results.

We hope you enjoy doing these challenges!


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