How to Use a .TUBE® Domain for Brand Protection on YouTube
The importance of Online Video
YouTube is the most successful video platform in the world. 80% of the internet users worldwide use YouTube; one billion hours are watched daily on the platform and finally, it’s the second largest search engine behind Google. What this means is that YouTube is an Internet on its own and requires that brands exercise brand protection that is specific for YouTube.
Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Brand Protection Revisited
Currently, companies who know the importance of protecting their brands purchase their domain in the most common domain extensions: .com, .net and .org. They purchase also common variations, typos or misspellings of their brand domain names to prevent a competitor from getting traffic that should otherwise have gone to them. A relatively new step in brand protection is purchasing other domain extensions that represent niches so for instance, companies that plan to do business in a specific country may want to purchase a domain with the country code; other extensions may suddenly become popular with businesses, such as .co or .info, or they may buy domain names with the generic of their trade, for instance a law firm could buy And this is how brand protection has evolved in the DNS or domain name system.

Brand Protection in YouTube?
How do companies protect their brands on YouTube?. This is the result of a search on YouTube of the brand Wells Fargo. Among the first 20 organic results, there are 10 videos that are damaging to the brand with titles like Wells Fargo Scandal (700k+ views), Rep. Katie Porter Call out Wells Fargo for robbing customers (820K views), Sen. Warren to Wells Fargo CEO: “You should be fired” (1.4m views), You get the idea. Collectively, the “anti-Wells Fargo” videos have had millions upon millions of views, a blow to any online brand protection. Can we say Wells Fargo is being protected when millions have watched all kinds of filth about Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo has its own channel that contains 279 videos and 291K subscribers. The videos have great quality and many have an inspiring message. Yet, they have very little to no views. Not only is Wells Fargo doing nothing about protecting its brand on YouTube but its also doing very little for promoting their top-notch video content.

.TUBE® is here to help
The good news is that .TUBE® can help solve this issue. WellsFargo.TUBE® could become a powerful domain name that assists Wells Fargo to aggressively tackle this problem:

  1. Reducing the negative publicity that the brand receives on YouTube

  2. Increasing the traffic to the Wells Fargo channel on YouTube or use the videos on YouTube to build a new Wells Fargo video channel

  3. Improve the reach of the content that Wells Fargo is producing

This is what Wells Fargo must do:

  1. Register WellsFargo.TUBE® and immediately redirect to the name to its YouTube Channel. People will be able to access the YouTube channel ( by typing or clicking on WellsFargo.TUBE®.

  2. Use the domain WellsFargo.TUBE® to create intelligent branded short links to its inspiring videos. This can be done for free in Links.TUBE®

  3. Promote WellsFargo.TUBE® . People all over the world will know what to expect when they see WellsFargo.TUBE® , Videos on Wells Fargo.

Isn’t this what a domain name ought to be for?. By promoting its own brand in the form of the domain name, WellsFargo.Tube, will tell the world it means Video and has a Video Channel; by creating short links to its videos Wells Fargo can create a powerful distribution network for its videos and achieve a much needed damage control for its brand in the world of online videos.

The only branded TLD in the world
No other domain name in the world can offer Wells Fargo as much protection as .TUBE® because .TUBE® is the only branded gTLD in the world. We posses the US Trademark .TUBE® for classes 45 and 46. What this means is: Wells Fargo® + .TUBE ® = Wellsfargo.TUBE®; a branded internet address, not merely a domain name. No other TLD offers this additional layer of brand protection, certainly not .COM.

.TUBE® is the domain name for the age of Video, it has developed a set of tools to help brands promote their online video presence.

  • A free redirect to the brand’s YouTube channel or a professional WordPress script to use its videos to curate a new channel,

  • A short links tool to create intelligent branded short links to its videos so they can be promoted individually

  • The automatic use of our trademark .TUBE® which transforms a simple domain name into a branded internet address.

For the above reasons, a .TUBE® domain is the best domain to distribute your video content.
Please visit and and view the possibilities.
If you are a brand owner, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

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