If you mean Video, if you mean mean video, credibility and empathy are key.
Nowadays, video content is king. Everyone is working to create compelling videos to promote their brands, products or themselves. Serious and funny videos, educational videos, entertainment videos, how-to videos, live videos and restored videos. And let’s face it, not a single person uploads a video with the expectation that it will not be seen, everyone who creates and uploads a video wants to keep consumers interested.
Thursday, December 3, 2020

But not all succeed, so the question is, how to create a video that is engaging and keeps customers coming for more? In one word, Empathy. Here are a few rules to create empathic videos that have your customers come for more.

1. Create a Script even if you improvise. Know where you are coming from and where do you want to get.

Good video content is planned. You must have a very clear notion of what you want to accomplish, how your video will be used and what is the purpose of your video. You must know if you want to build brand awareness, educate or entertain.

2. Know who is your target audience

Don't make assumptions, if possible, survey your potential customers and learn if your originally intended video addresses their primary concerns, needs and taste. The more you know your audience and what are they looking for, the better chance your video has of connecting and clicking.

3. Incorporate Client ideas and if possible, testimonials .

Sometimes talking about US and not ME creates more empathy and more engagement. Real life stories can help build credibility to your projects, products or brand. But don’t just publish any testimonial or give exposure to any idea, the more valuable ideas and testimonials you incorporate to your videos, the more you will cultivate goodwill and trust. So screen the ideas and testimonials in advance, film them in person or in times of Pandemic, using Whatsapp, FaceTime or Skype. Check your footage, edit the scenes and keep those moments where your “guests” look more comfortable, those that have a higher degree of "dramatic art".

4. Keep the quality and consistency of your Videos

Closely related to the above is the quality and consistency of the videos, not a single user wants to see videos with poor quality of image and sound. Without quality, you lose engagement because everyone expects high quality. Without consistency, you may capture a person’s attention once or twice, but you won’t create a long-term relationship with your audience. Quality and Credibility can be obtained from your client’s ideas and testimonials.

5. Be original.

Originality is greatly valued and appreciated in today’s competitive video space. Experiment with cameras placed in various places, different lenses, get authentic video content from the most unexpected sources. Place a Go-Pro cam on your dog’s collar and show the world how your dog views the world, it doesn’t matter. At the end, you will have the ability to edit your raw video to portray what you want. If you don’t have the resources to over-produce a video, originality will be a great substitute.

6. Build trust

Always remember that people trust people, they want to hear from other people. You must become that vehicle that connects people’s ideas with other people who are searching for those ideas. Create empathy, just like FoxNews creates empathy amongst conservatives and CNN amongst liberals. People trust Sean Hannity and Don Lemmon, not the brands CNN or FOXNEWS or their parent companies Comcast and FOX. A testimonial from an average person will resonate with a lot of customers who are looking to satisfy their need for entertainment, education or a product.

7. Be Strategic

The best video in the world is worth little if people do not watch it. It is not enough to make a good video, you need a good distribution network for it. And a .TUBE domain name provides the most robust solution to let the world know you mean video.

i)  Register a .TUBE domain name and tell the world you mean video.
ii)  Use the links.tube tool to redirect your domain to your YouTube channel and create smart short links with your brand to each of your videos.
iii)  If you purchase your domain name in Your.TUBE, we will redirect it automatically to your YouTube channel. If you purchase your name with your favorite registrar, you will need to change the DNS settings of your domain to enable the redirect using our short link creator.


In this age of Video, there isn’t a more powerful domain name than .TUBE® to convey the message that you mean Video. Pair your domain with the short link creator and generate unique intelligent short links to each of your videos to promote them individually. This will result in a network of short links with your brand on each one of them which in turn will establish empathy and promote engagement.

Finally, by registering a .TUBE® domain name you automatically become a member of our #TubeCrew and we will work to increase the footprint of your videos so your credibility and engagement will be amplified.

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