Smart links treat your audience with respect
Are you tired of clicking on vague and uninformative links that lead to nowhere?
Wednesday, January 11, 2023

As internet users, we crave respect and intelligence when it comes to navigating through the vast online world. That's where smart links come in - they treat us like the intelligent individuals we are, providing just enough information to make informed decisions about whether or not to click through. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of intuitive links and how they can benefit both content creators and audiences alike.

When it comes to the Internet, people like to be treated with respect, as intelligent human beings

In the fast-paced digital world, people want to be respected and treated like intelligent human beings. No one wants their time wasted by clicking on vague or obscure links that lead to irrelevant content. Smart links are a simple yet effective solution that treats users with respect.

An intuitive link provides just enough information for users to make informed decisions about whether or not they want to engage with your content. This approach shows that you value your audience's time and intelligence.

Both of these links take to the same video: when presented with, users can't tell what kind of content they're being directed towards. On the contrary, when presented with, users can tell the kind of content they’re being directed towards, a cover version of the song easy.

It's important to provide clarity in URLs so the user knows exactly what they're getting into when clicking through. Providing clear and informative links also builds trust between you and your audience. They'll appreciate the transparency and are more likely to click through if they know where it leads them beforehand.

Smart links treat internet users with respect by acknowledging their intelligence, saving them time, providing clear information, building trust, all while increasing engagement to your videos.

Intelligent links do just that, they give just enough information to let the user make an informed decision to watch or not your video

Have you ever clicked on a link, only to find out that it leads to something completely irrelevant or spammy? It can be frustrating and even harmful in some cases. That's where smart links come into play. Intelligent links are designed to give just the right amount of information for users to make informed decisions. For example, if you're sharing a video with your audience, an intuitive link will provide enough context about the content without giving away too much.

The goal is not just to get clicks but also to ensure that users feel respected and valued. When they click on a smart link, they know exactly what they're getting into, which builds trust between them and the content creator. Intelligent links treat users as adults who deserve respect and transparency when browsing online. They allow for better user experiences by providing valuable information while saving time and avoiding potential dangers of malicious websites.


In the world of digital marketing, links are crucial. But not all links are created equal. Some may be short and sweet, but they say nothing about where they lead to. Take for example - it's a mystery link that offers no clues whatsoever.

On the other hand, longer links like may seem daunting at first glance, but they provide valuable information about what kind of content awaits on the other side. This makes them more intuitive and user-friendly.

By providing users with an informative link, you're treating them with respect as intelligent human beings who want to make informed decisions before clicking on anything online. It saves their time and clicks by letting them know exactly what to expect when they arrive at your destination webpage.

So next time you're creating a link for your website or social media post, think twice about using a shorter URL that lacks any description or context. Opt instead for an intuitive link that respects your audience's intelligence and gives them enough information to make an informed decision whether or not to click through.

It treats users as adults, with respect, not wasting their time , clicks or worse, taken to bad places

In summary, using smart and intuitive links is a respectful way to treat your audience. By providing them with just enough information to make an informed decision in a short amount of time, you're showing that you value their time and intelligence. Plus, by avoiding misleading or spammy links, you can build trust with your audience and keep them coming back for more. So next time you share a link online, remember to think about how it will be received by your users and opt for smart links over confusing or suspicious ones. Your audience will thank you for it!

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