The Best Domains for Building a Brand
How important are domain names for building a brand? You need to look no further than The iconic company paid 11 million dollars for the domain name, when purchased, people thought the company had made a costly mistake. Almost twenty years after it is impossible to calculate the hundreds of millions of dollars that the domain name has saved the company in advertising and branding.
Thursday, November 5, 2020

A domain name is always the beachhead of any digital experience and has been so for over 25 years. Domain names are the equivalent to real estate in the digital world. This is where businesses build their online presence and the place that becomes their home on the net.

.COM is Overcrowded

All dictionary words in .com have been taken in many languages: According to the latest figures from Verisign, close to 130 million .com domain names are already registered. There isn’t a single 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 letter combination that is not taken, not a single dictionary word or two word that combine into a common used term as, registered back in 1995. The best domains in .COM are sold out, in order to get a decent .COM domain name one must buy for a premium in the secondary market.

The majority of Internet users had not even been born or were just kids when the .com grab happened. Young entrepreneurs looking to build an Internet presence and an online brand must look beyond the .com domain because the price of a decent domain name in the .com universe is prohibitively expensive for a company that is just being built. That’s where New gTLDs come to play. True, new TLD’s are in their infancy, their adoption is still slow and has not taken hold, but over time, the younger generations will make them more relevant.

New TLD’s are the alternative

Purchasing names in these new domain name extensions is the most pertinent strategy as consumers have changed the way they seek and consume content online. These new domain terminations represent in many cases relevant verticals. Terminations like .Law can be fundamental for lawyers, .builders for home and construction and .pet for animal lovers. Well chosen domains can be sticky and memorable and can make instant connection with prospective clients.

Currently, top domain names can be secured for reasonable prices. For instance. Filipino.Live is available in GoDaddy for $3.99 dollars. is not even available, GoDaddy offers a service to assist in the purchase of the domain for $69.99 plus whatever price the current owner demands for his domain. Just the service to procure the domain is 20 times more expensive. And it’s hard to make a case for being twenty times better domain name than, actually, it may be the opposite.

Choosing a relevant domain extension can potentially help a website rank well for specific keywords, resulting in dollars saved on paid marketing. The fact that Google is the second largest owner of new TLD extensions assures that whether domains end in .COM, .Club, .APP, or .LIVE, they all stand on equal ground when it comes to SEO performance.

Slowly, new domain terminations are gaining value and attention. sold for $500,000, sold for $183,000, sold for $60,000. Houses.Forsale and Homes.Forsale sold for $90,000 for the pair. So slowly but surely, new TLD’s are gaining confidence and respect. As people get savvier about navigating to exactly the things they want, relevant TLDs are going to be a big part of the new ways of navigating the Internet. People who see Rammstein.Tube will be able to say "Oh, that's exactly what I'm looking for, the videos of the Greatest Rock and Roll band in Europe." This will not prevent you from paying for online advertising and optimize your site for SEO, but owners of intuitive domain names will surely have an edge over their competitors.

.TUBE, the most powerful of the new TLD’s

Of all the new TLD’s, the most powerful one is .TUBE, here’s why.

  1. .TUBE means Video and we live in the Age of Video. TUBE is the worldwide slang for Online Video. No matter who you target in the world, they will understand that what they will find in is your video content.

  2. Redirect your .TUBE domain name to your YouTube channel so people can access it by typing it on their browser or clicking on a link with your

  3. .TUBE is the only domain termination in the world that offers a free short links application that allows you to create direct access to each of your videos so you can promote them individually

  4. .TUBE is the only domain name in the world that is also a registered trademark. Your will be more than just a web address, it will be a branded domain name, the perfect platform to build your brand.

Brand yourself as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Register a .TUBE domain name and tell the world you mean video

  2. Redirect your . Tube domain to your Youtube channel and make it easy to access from anywhere

  3. Use the tool to create smart short links to each of your videos

And finally

Become a Member of the #TubeCrew where we will work to increase the footprint of your videos and where your personal video brand will be promoted and amplified.


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