The five most popular video genres online
Not all video genres are created equal, some are more favored by the audiences, others by the platforms so it’s hard to judge what content is best.
Thursday, January 28, 2021

Amazon favors Product Review Videos, Twitch gaming videos while YouTube loves educational videos. YouTube has developed its own ranking, which they obtained by aggregating data on millions of videos as well as their own judgment. For instance, educational videos are not always the ones with the most traffic, however YouTube cherishes them because the company is determined to give value to their audience.

Other videos are extremely popular, for instance Pornography, however YouTube does not permit them in its platform. So we will focus now on those video formats that are considered “legit” by YouTube and other platforms to determine the most popular video formats.

These are the most popular video genres according to YouTube

1)  The most popular video format, according to YouTube is Product Review Videos. Amazon joins this category as all the videos played in that platform are also product reviews. Statistics show that 66% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product, that 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video and that 75% of consumers decided not to buy a product when the video is solemnly promoted by the brand as opposed to 83% of consumers who decided to buy when advised by a third party in an informal and chatty tone. Most people wouldn’t think of making a purchase unless they consulted online reviews first and interact with the feedback on the product from a creator. No wonder this useful video type is the #1 most popular video type online.

2)  Who hasn’t watched a How-to video to accomplish something? Cooking recipes, car repairs, home repairs. Many channels are devoted solely to this video format and have millions of subscribers. No video genre has more value added than how-to Videos, they are truly the perfect combination of education and utility and viewers can’t get enough of them!

3)  When you add the timeline of Facebook, with the stories of Instagram and turn that into a video, you obtain what is called a Vlog and this is the third most popular video format in the world. Girls telling their stories while they show tips for wearing meakeup is the perfect example. So add a storyline to connect your videos and you will have turned your video channel into a lively Vlog.

4)  Gaming videos are as popular as the videogames themselves and not only on YouTube, but also on Twitch. Videogame players love to see other players play online, learn tricks, shortcuts and cheats. And kids can spend hours watching other video gamers play.

5)  People love a good joke and short, comedy videos are not only popular, but the most likely to become viral. It’s hard do think how a “fix the headlights of your SUV” can reach ‘viral’ status, as useful as that video may be. But memes and short comedy clips that make people laugh and forget their problems, even for a minute, will be watched and shared like no other format.

Other popular video formats include Sports and music. The first ones have a very loyal audience, while the second ones can reach millions and even billions of views. The most viewed videos are music videos, Despacito has over 7 billion views while Gangam Style, with 4 billion views, was the first video ever to break the 1 billion mark.

How to create your own distribution network for your videos

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