The importance of keywords in a domain name
When you are starting a website, one of the first things you need to think of is the domain name. Never underestimate the importance of a powerful domain name, it is just as important as having great content and useful information. People will not land by miracle in your website, while content will maximize the visibility of your website, the domain is what will make your brand more recognizable and help you stand out from your competition.
Thursday, November 19, 2020

There are two types of domain names, one like which is the generic term for voice over IP and the other like, a popular voice over IP application. Back in the beginning of the past decade, Google would rank a site higher if it had the keywords in the domain name. However, a few years later the Google algorithm changed to make keywords in a domain name irrelevant. Domain names, with or without keywords, do not guarantee that such domain will automatically rank for those keywords.

If keywords in domain names are unimportant for ranking in search engines, then why are Domain Names so important? Why choosing a domain name and not just rely on any combination of letters to become the digital address for your project? A good domain name is a much bigger deal than it seems, and it can make a big difference for your future and here’s why:

Domain names should tell your audience three things: Who you are; What you do; And where to Find you.

Who you are?

Your domain establishes your first impression; the domain name is the first thing that people will notice about you. A domain name that matches with your desired image will increase your chances of attracting people. If you want to give the impression that you are strange, then pick a strange domain name, if you want to come across as a straight shooter, then select a simple, straightforward domain. The opposite combination, being strange and choosing a frank domain or being upfront and choosing an bizarre name will surely send people running away. A domain name that fits your desired image will help you define your brand, in other words, your domain name is your first branding opportunity. Having the right domain name can help people recognize your brand a lot easier.

What you do?

If you want people to know what you do by just looking at your domain name, then adding the keywords of your trade certainly is the best strategy. So even if keywords in a domain name don’t automatically rank for those keywords on search engines, there is an undeniable value in presenting those keywords to your audience in your domain name. Think about or, in a way they use the generic of their trade (Technology and Encyclopedia) to build their online presence. Therefore, when you are choosing a keyword, you don’t necessarily have to have a keyword in your domain name to help with SEO but it certainly helps to tell your audience what you do.

Domain names have two parts, one to the right and another to the left of the dot; The new top level domain names that have been released since 2015 make now possible to double down on telling your audience what you do by simply looking at your domain name. So for instance makes it clear to its audience that is a lawfirm just as does This is an undeniable advantage that new TLD’s have over the traditional terminations such as .COM.

Where to find you?

This is key, because to effectively brand your company, you want to make sure you can use the same name for your domain and social media sites, in other words, you must create a “net identity”. With a powerful net identity, people will be able to find you easier because you will have lots of different entrances to your content. By using different names for your website and social media, you will have to spend more money on branding to make sure people are getting to your content, so a powerful net identity will tell your audience where to find you. The cornerstone of a powerful net identity is a memorable and brandable domain name.

.TUBE is the domain for those who create video

A .TUBE domain name is perfect for building a net identity if you are in the business of creating video content. Fist of all, .TUBE is short, memorable, cool, highly brandable and means Video throughout the world. People who see will know exactly what they will find, videos of the most popular heavy metal band in Europe.

.TUBE is so cool and short, that if you choose for instance, it will be easy to create mygamestube in all social media platforms.

Brand yourself with a .TUBE domain name as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Register a .TUBE domain name and tell the world you mean video

  2. Create your net identity by unifying your social media accounts and your domain . Either create a domain name that matches your existing accounts or based on your Domain Name, create your social media presence.

  3. Use the links tube tool to create smart short links with your brand to each of your videos

And finally

By registering a domain name you automatically become a Member of the #TubeCrew where we will work to increase the footprint of your videos and where your personal video brand will be promoted and amplified. Best


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