The Seven I's of our short Video Links (Part 1)
Are you tired of boring, static links that lead to nowhere?
Monday, January 16, 2023

Do you want your content to stand out and grab the attention of your audience? Look no further than

Tube's 7 I's of Video Links! These characteristics - Interactive, Intelligent, Immediate, Intuitive, Informative, Inoffensive and Individual - will revolutionize the way you share and promote your video content. Say goodbye to lackluster links and hello to a more engaging online presence. Let's dive in!

Interactive: Use them on your social, on text messages, on your website.

All the interactive apps love video links, short links are the most natural way to share content on social. So whether you're using them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Whatsapp or Telegram, these dynamic links can help increase engagement with your followers. Colorful interactive links that lead to your unique videos.

Incorporating interactive video links into any online platform can help increase user engagement and promote brand awareness like never before. Give it a try today!

Intelligent: Treats your users with respect by showing them smart words, not random characters.

Have you ever clicked on a link only to be taken to a page filled with gibberish? It's frustrating and can leave the user feeling like their time has been wasted. That's why an intelligent video link is so important - it shows your audience that you value their time and attention. By using clear and concise language in your video links, you're making it easier for users to understand what they'll be clicking on. This means fewer surprises and more satisfied viewers who are likely to stick around longer.

In addition, an intelligent approach ensures that your brand comes across as professional and trustworthy. By taking the extra step of crafting well-worded links, you show potential customers that you care about providing them with high-quality content. So next time you create a link, take the time to make sure it speaks directly to your audience in a way that they'll appreciate!

Immediate: Your content always a click away.

In today's fast-paced world, people want everything instantly. They don't have the time or patience to enter YouTube, search for your videos and if they do, they will probably run into Messi’s last goal or Shakira’s last song and steal your click. So when it comes to content online, immediate access is crucial in online video marketing.

Tube understands the importance of immediacy and has made sure that their service provides users with instant access to their desired content at all times. Our advanced infrastructure makes use of high-speed servers that are optimized for delivering video links quickly and efficiently.

This feature is particularly useful on social media platforms where attention spans are short and scrolling happens in milliseconds. By embedding your video link onto your social media profiles with Links.Tube, viewers can easily navigate straight from one platform into viewing your engaging content within seconds – increasing views and engagement rates.

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