With video marketing becoming more important than ever, it's crucial to have a game plan to succeed in today's digital landscape.
Thursday, February 8, 2024

That's why.TUBE has crafted this ultimate video marketing guide to help you educate, generate leads, and convert customers through the power of video distribution.


In this age, with high-quality video shooting now at our fingertips and editing tools readily available, video production has never been more accessible or cost-effective. We are not restricted by bandwidth, hardware, or hosting barriers, and We live in a time where everyone has unlimited capacity to generate and consume video content.

The maze of video marketing doesn't end at just creating great videos. A stellar video is only half the battle won. The trickier part is marketing it in such a way that it grabs your audience's attention and conveys your brand's message loud and clear.


Audiences are spending 20+ hours per week watching online videos, and tweets with videos get 10x more engagement. Mobile users are a driving force behind video consumption, with 77% using smartphones to watch videos. And, influencer marketing is only continuing to grow! But perhaps the most compelling statistic? 83% of video marketers say that video is the #1 tool to generate leads and sales.


Establishing a presence online isn't just about content. It's about how you package it. Here are the three keys to promoting your videos online:

You might want to start with doing SEO on your video. It's all about optimizing your videos to rank on search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches. Here are a few tips: make sure your video has a transcript, use an engaging thumbnail, craft a killer title and description, and house your video on a relevant page.

You want to build a brand that sets you apart and to that end, a .TUBE domain can create a niche for you in the digital world. With a .TUBE domain name you'll position your content to generate traffic amongst video audiences because TUBE is the worldwide slang for Video. Users in Austria or Australia, Louisiana, and Liberia will know what to expect from… videos about cereals.

You need to distribute your videos on the channels that you own which include your social media platforms, website, blog, e-mail as well as paid channels like display ads. is the all-in-one solution for creating smart links to feed your YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, blog, website, and more.  Connect your TUBE domain to, start creating links with your brand and easily post the links and QRCodes, track your traffic, and learn about your audience with real-time analytics.


At first, you may feel overwhelmed with video marketing, it's natural, but don't worry, with a little practice and patience, you can turn your high-quality video content into digital assets unique to your brand. How? With domains, links, and QR codes! These are all great ways to package and promote your video content.  You can customize them to match your brand's look and feel. And the best part, it's all free, you will not find a better or more cost-effective solution to promote your videos than the one you will find by clicking here.

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