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SPAM is to the Internet what Cancer is to a human. Unsolicited usually commercial messages (such as e-mails, text messages, or Internet postings) sent to a large number of recipients or posted in a large number of places is one of the biggest illnesses of the Internet.
Thursday, November 26, 2020

SPAMMING (and other scams like Spoofing or Phishing) should be fought from the source and that source is the domain name system. Without a domain name, spammers and other bad actors could not carry out their fraudulent activities, a domain name is a product “sine-qua-non” they could not survive, let alone thrive.

Yet, there are countless registries, registrars and resellers who willingly provide domain names to bad actors at basement fire prices. Instead of keeping abusers and spammers off their domain names and work to maintain a positive reputation, some encourage this practice by providing this tool at virtually no cost. .TUBE fully understands this problem and its implications and views fighting SPAM as an obligation and duty to its customers. The company will always enforce the strictest anti-abuse policies for the sanity of its clients and the internet.

Why is SPAM intensifying?

New Top Level Domain (TLD) have worsened an already evil trend on the Internet, the dissemination of spammers and malware operators, a true plague that abuses the good faith of most of the Internet users in the world. Despite being aware of this problem, some registrars and resellers continue to sell high volumes of domains to these actors to make a quick buck. These unscrupulous registries do not do enough to stop or limit this endless supply of domains.

Spamhaus.org is a company that fights spam on the internet. It publishes a list of TLDs that have a bad reputation based on the amount of spam that comes from those domain names. According to this website, as of 23 November 2020, the TLDs with the worst reputations for spam operations are:

.Rest with a whopping 50.8% rating of bad domains. Out of 2,696 domain names analyzed, 1,370 had SPAM operations. .Casa followed closely with a 43.7% ranking. Other bad players include .London (39.8%), .Webcam (32.6%), .Fit (31%), .Asia (30.35%), .Accountant (29.8%), and .Work (27%).

Fighting SPAM requires the will to do so

Mighty Verisign, a publicly traded company and owner of .Com has a 3.8% index which is enormous given the mammoth number of domain names under their custody. They own also .Net, that has also millions of domain names out there has and a 7.5% bad rating as well as .info (4.3%), and .TV (0.8%).

.ORG, another of the so called Legacy TLD’s has a 1.5% bad rating. Other TLD’s that have been around for many years and have severe badness problems are .biz (11.9%), .IN (2.3%) and .CO (1.8%) that belong to another publicly traded company called GoDaddy. Even Google, with its unlimited resources, has been unable to eradicate SPAM from its domain names. .App, the most successful of Google’s TLD’s has a 0.4% bad score, .soy has a (1.2%) bad score and .DEV has a 0.2% bad score.

The above is important because according Spamhaus.org, “A TLD may be "bad" in two ways. On one side, the ratio of bad to good domains may be higher than average, indicating that the registry could do a better job of enforcing policies and shunning abusers”. Such is the case of GoDaddy/Neustar, Verisign and Google, the largest players in the space which proves that keeping a clean TLD is not just a matter of money and technology but also will. Had these companies been serious about eradicating SPAM they would do so.

Sure, large TLDs have a large number of bad domains as a result of the sheer size of their domain corpus, but they generate enough cash to eradicate this problem. Without corrective measures that are 100% effective, they still constitute a problem on the global scale. They should assign further resources to improve their anti-abuse processes and bring down the overall number of bad domains, but that has not been the case.

So the damage that large Registries like Verisign, GoDaddy and Google can inflict to the Internet is graver that that of smaller TLDs that even when they have a higher fraction of bad domains, their total number is relatively limited.

.TUBE, the cleanest of them all

According to SpamHaus.com the Top Level Domain .TUBE has a 0.0% bad rating and a score of 0.00. .TUBE has made its priority to keep spammers of its domain names to maintain a clean environment and a positive reputation. Compare it to some of .TUBE’s closest competitors, .webcam (32.7%), .Live (19.2%), .Stream (3.3%). .TV (0.8%) and .Video (0.3%), there is no comparison between to the purity of a .TUBE domain name and that of its closest competitors.

So before picking a domain name, make sure to check spamhaus.org because even if you do not engage in unlawful activities, having a domain name in a neighborhood that is known for harboring Spammers will harm the reputation and your legitimate efforts.

.TUBE is not just a domain name that is short, cool, brandable and it means video throughout the world, it is also the cleanest Top Level Domain name out there which guarantees that when people see your domain name, they will not only know who you are, what you do and where to find you, but will also assure your visitors that it is a clean domain name and that they will not be harmed by visiting your site. They can also be assured that if they get an e-mail with a .TUBE termination, it will be SPAM free.

Finally, by buyng a .TUBE® domain name you will be part of the #TUBECREW where we will work to increase the footprint of your videos and where your personal video brand will be promoted and amplified.


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