Video Link-in-Bio let’s you have all your videos one click away
Whether your videos are on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter or Vimeo, the Video Link-in-Bio, developed by, is a convenient solution
Monday, October 16, 2023

Whether your videos are on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter or Vimeo, the Video Link-in-Bio, developed by, is a convenient solution for content creators who want to share multiple clickable links to their videos from various platforms in one place. This feature is particularly useful on Instagram, where users are limited to only one clickable link in their bio. 

With Links.Tube, users can create a Video Link-in-Bio for their videos, complete with thumbnails, QR codes, and detailed statistics on link clicks. Additionally, they can easily import all the videos from their channels with just one click and customize each link according to their preferences. To access these features, sign up for a gold membership, which also offers the option to get a free .TUBE domain name or point any domain to make your links branded. This unique feature sets Links.Tube apart from other platforms and provides content creators with a streamlined way to create, collect and share shortcuts to their videos.

What is a Video Link-in-Bio?

A Video Link-in-Bio is a collection of clickable links that redirect users to videos on platforms like YouTube or any other video-sharing platform. This feature can be added to your bio on Instagram, shared as a link on social media, or even used as the destination for your domain name. Most social media platforms only allow one clickable link in a bio, so influencers often link it to another landing page that includes multiple links, known as the link-in-bio. On this page, they direct their followers to different products, services, or resources by updating the links. This is especially popular on Instagram, where the only clickable link is the one in your profile.

Links.Tube is a tool that allows users to create links to their videos on any platform, including YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Vimeo, Instagram, and more. Users can create as many links as they need for their videos and share them on social media or printed media. Each link is displayed with a thumbnail of the original video, a QR code, and a URL that can be shared on both digital and physical platforms. Additionally, each link provides detailed traffic and demographic statistics, allowing users to track who clicked on their links, where the clicks originated from, and the system used by the clicker.

Video Link-in-Bio from

The Video Link-in-Bio feature in puts all the links created in one place and this place is called the Video Link-in-Bio. Users can create the links one by one or also automatically import all the videos from a user's channel and the system will create a link and QR code for each. With just one click, users can generate short links for all their videos. Furthermore, users have the flexibility to customize each link to make them more intelligent and intuitive.

To access this feature, users need to sign up for a gold membership on By doing so, they can also claim a free .TUBE domain name or point any existing domain name to the Links.Tube platform, allowing them to brand each link with their own domain name. This unique feature is not available elsewhere, making it a great opportunity for content creators to organize and share their videos using tags in their own Video Link-in-Bio.


Video Link-in-Bio by is a clever way to provide multiple clickable links to videos from various platforms in one place. Create your own collection of clickable links that redirect to videos on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Vimeo or any other platform. Have all the links in one place and share that link in social media. That is the power of

So if you mean video, if you really mean video, so do we. That is why we believe your video presence should start before they even reach your content, the video experience of your users should begin from the link. From a highly catchy, intelligent and sophisticated link that tells your users who you are, what you do, where to find, what they are about to see and that you are all about Video.


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