Video, Made for Storytelling
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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Video, Made for Storytelling

There are too many uses of video to be able to count them all, but these are the most popular video marketing types employed by creators to give you a sense of this format's versatility.

Product Videos

Product-centric videos explain the main features of a product in a simplified manner. Their tone is upbeat, enthusiastic, highlights the benefits, and demonstrates how the item works. Call to action by explaining to viewers how the product solves the customer needs making his life better. 

Lifestyle Videos

Inspire viewers by painting a picture of a certain lifestyle and showing how that lifestyle is achieved. For instance, American Express does not explain how a credit card works, but the lifestyle it can buy. Visuals and Hosts are engaging to make the audience understands the product's features quickly without even talking about the product.

Corporate Videos

Made to communicate with staff, partners, investors or customers. Intense use of graphics and footage of the company’s activities, voice-over to explain what the company does, what makes her different and great. Used as a resume on the corporate website's home page to transmit the brand, vision and how it can help them. The tone is usually optimistic and motivational.

TV Commercials

This is the most creative expression of your brand, the one designed to sell the product. These videos are geared to specific groups of customers, sometimes specific regions. With so much competition out there, they must be visually engaging and with a clear call to action. 

App Videos

App videos are step by step explanations of the features and potential users of an app and are presented before downloading the app. Usually, the commercial speaks for itself visually but it has to be attractive and engage the viewer long enough to explain all the details to an interested party. At the same time, it needs to be exciting to drive downloads.

Explainer Animation Videos

When you have something complex or new that needs to be explained, there is no better way to get than with a visually powerful animated explainer video. With the virtual reality presented by animations it is possible to illustrate things that otherwise would be impossible. The combination of voiceover and captivating graphics allow to present complex topics much quicker than in a normal narrated video

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Videos

Leaders in industries become so by creating fun and easy-to-follow DIY instructional videos. These videos explain how to best use your product, and promote ease-of-use, to increase customer satisfaction. DIY videos are key to building confidence in the product

Testimonial Videos

People tend to trust a testimonial more than a traditional video, since it comes from a third party and feels more objective. Testimonials tone is authentic, based on experience. The best way to convince customers to buy your product or service is to show off the happy customers who are already using it. A strong testimonial can be that final touch that closes a deal. 

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