When a domain termination means more than just Internet
Your domain name is a huge part of branding your company, and it must be done right. Envision the future of your company and think how you'll want other people to talk about it.
Friday, January 8, 2021

Every domain name has two components, one to the right one to the left of the dot. In the past, there was only one term to the right and that was .COM (marginally .NET and .ORG) and so, the right of the dot was merely ai indicative of an internet address. In other words, “.com” meant nothing other than internet. .COM and Internet were so synonymous that when the speculative bubble burst back in 2000 it was not called the Nasdaq bubble, nor the Internet bubble nor the technology bubble, it was called the “.com bubble”.

But now, with all the different domain extensions that have been enabled over the last several years, that “maiden name” of all domains can mean more than “internet”, it can now be used as part of the important branding process.


Yes, to have a .com domain name can build credibility to your business, both by customers and investors but at a cost that is not only monetary. .COM domains are many times more expensive, but the biggest cost is not that, but rather that you will have to settle for a complicated domain name that is a long shot for building your brand, a name that you will have to invest heavily to position. If you can imagine a shiny domain that means internet by virtue of being a domain but also crystalizes your idea, your brand and your company, you will have a much greater chance of succeeding.

People may be accustomed to “.com” and culturally it may be a synonym of Internet; but bear in mind that it will be very hard or even impossible to find a dot-com domain name that fits your business. If you want to insist and not pay a fortune for an existing name, you will be stuck with your third or fourth choice. Some may say it’s better a long shot than not a shot at all, but with all the new domain terminations, you can get creative and use both sides of the dot to determine the name of your company and brand.

The company that operates .COM is called Verisign and in .COM it has a cash cow that is happy to milk without trying to innovate or add value to their domain names. On the other hand, many new TLD’s are expanding their services, adding features to their domain names to increase their power. Who is to say, that in this constantly changing world, .COM will remain king? Money is not king, it’s being replaced by cryptocurrencies; people are not king, they are being replaced by robots; retail is not king, it’s being replaced by online shopping; disruption is everywhere and it may soon come to a domain name near you.

Domains and Branding

Your domain name is a huge part of branding your company, and it must be done right. Envision the future of your company and think how you'll want other people to talk about it. Then get creative and look for that domain name that will become the powerful brand you want in your future. In the past, companies created their brands and when the Internet came alive, they just got the matching domain names. But today it’s the other way around, first you think about your domain name and once established, you build your brand around it. Some of the most successful companies like Google or Facebook started as an idea and right after, they chose their domain name and began building the company around it.

Naming a business, project and brand is so intertwined with naming a domain that these days the process of creating a brand, business and domain is almost one and the same. A good, powerful domain name can make your project, your brand and your business, a bad and weak name can break it. That is why you need to follow best practices to discover, search and pick the domain that will become the name of your project, company and brand.

.TUBE, the maiden name for Video

So if your choose a .TUBE domain name, you will be telling the world that video is your trade. Find a domain that is short, easy to spell and pronounce. You can include keywords related to video or not because that right side of the domain name may serve as the keyword of your trade. So for instance, if you make videos about Christmas.tube will tell your audience what your site is about, no need for Christmasvideos.tube as it will be redundant. You can concentrate on the original term that will truly identify your project. Finally, be original because it will help your branding, for instance, instead of Christmas.Tube you can create Chrstms.Tube or Xstmas.tube.

There are a lot of elements that go into finding the perfect domain name, have fun, get creative, and also remember that It's all a part of an ongoing branding effort. So use a .TUBE domain Brand yourself as easy as 1,2,3

  • Register a .TUBE domain name and tell the world you mean video

  • Redirect your . Tube domain to your Youtube channel and make it easy to access from anywhere

  • Use the links.tube tool to create smart short links to each of your videos

And finally

Become a Member of the #TubeCrew where we will work to increase the footprint of your videos and where your personal video brand will be promoted and amplified.

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